About Us


Attitudio – An Approach

Work is worship, and customer is prime. We feel honored while inking the artwork that we deliver. Each time we feel an urge to perform better and achieve excellence. We are hungry all the time to create new standards and bring smiles on the faces of our cusstomers...!!

Attitude matters

Making money is the second thing on our mind. We are a team of professionals and strive for excellence. We believe in connecting with our customers and our productive team brings their ideas to life – on your skin, that should speak about your attitude. Thats how the name of our studio was coined from two words attitude and studio – i.e. attitudio, by one of our associate and well wisher, Pawan Arora.

Skills – matter the most

Making tattoos has now become and art form. We make it with pride and people get themselves inked with pride. Tattoo making – has reached this far only because of the blend of art and technology. Since we started, We have continuously kept this on mind – that we will have to keep on sharpening our axe requlary. If attutdio has reached this far its only because of our extraordinary skills. We have specialized in all forms of tattoos – portraits, realistic tattoos, religious tattoos, 3D tattoos, colored tattoos, geometrical tattoos, abstract form tattoos – which keeps us way above other tattoo artists....!!

Quality First

“Quality First” is our motto. We embrace technology. Anything new comes up that can enhance the customer’s experience – we procure it. Any technology that can improvesafter results or hygiene – we acquire that. We at attitudio use high quality needles, inks and high class equipments...!!

Our Hygiene

We follow strict hygiene standards at our place. Everything that we use or involved in the process while inking is either disposable or sterilized. This is to ensure customer’s health and zero tollerance for any human errors that may arise from using sub-standard tools and techniques. When we hear customers acknowledging the same – that really feels good and is very rewarding.

Our experience

Today we have thousands of smiling and successfully satisfied clients. During all this period we had repeat customers which reflects their trust in our skills and technique. We had clients from normal walk of life and celebrities as well – all were treated in the same manner, i.e. no compromise on work and hygiene.

Today we have clients who just want the best – after all you are getting it inked on your skin and you will be carrying in on your skin for rest of your life, and we respect that.